We are delighted to introduce the first artist in our Berklee City Music Ambassador Campaign, Niu Raza. Niu, a Berklee alumna, is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Madagascar. Check out our interview here.

We are so excited to kick-off the winter and holiday season by introducing the incredibly talented, jazz trumpeter, producer and songwriter, Keyon Harrold. Keyon, a St. Louis, Missouri native, seeks to unify people from all walks of life through his unique sounds and powerful vibrations. Read more about Keyon and his commitment to music and advocacy here.

Tia Fuller kicks off the new year with us sharing about her experience as Berklee City Music Boston's HSA Artistic Director, her holistic approach to teaching and mentoring the next generation of musicians, and her approach to writing her forthcoming project. here.

“Stay focused on you. People won't understand you, understand your dreams and vision, but it's not about them, it’s about you and they're not supposed to get it… If you're going to believe, just go ahead and believe all the way.” - Kameron Whalum

““You're going to have amazing days and bad days, amazing years and bad years. It takes a lot of patience and self-love to pursue something creative…The more you try and the more you do it, the easier it becomes.” - Madison Calley

“I wanted to develop an understanding of that tradition as deep as I possibly could, coming from a different cultural background. I thought if I hang out long enough and learn as much as I can, maybe I'll be able to bring something of my own to the table.” - Ondre J Pivec