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The Berklee PULSE® Music Method is a unique and innovative online music education portal that enables students to study, jam, and practice using interactive modules and an ever-expanding collection of popular music. PULSE is open to anyone, with exclusive resources available through Berklee City Music, Amp Up NYC, and select public school partners. PULSE gives students and teachers the benefits of a Berklee education no matter where they live. Learn more about PULSE here.

Learn about the original Berklee production and explore lessons based on the film. Check out the Notation Mixer, an interactive tool that can synchronize multiple tracks of audio with accompanying music notation. Sign up for a 60-day demo account so you can explore the full Berklee PULSE website.

More Lessons

Compose a Song Based on an Image

In the film Banded, Boston-based band Ghost Box Orchestra discusses an idea for a new work based on an image using a simple E minor pentatonic riff. Watch the clip from the film then explore the accompanying exercise in your classroom. Through this lesson, students will gain an understanding of the relationship between musical and visual expression by creating a minor pentatonic composition for a chosen piece of media.