About Berklee PULSE

The Berklee PULSE® Music Method is a unique and innovative online music education portal that enables students to study, jam, and practice using interactive modules and an ever-expanding collection of popular music. PULSE is open to anyone, with exclusive resources available through Berklee City Music, Amp Up NYC, and select public school partners. PULSE gives students and teachers the benefits of a Berklee education no matter where they live. Learn more about PULSE here.

This five-video series presented by Casio will introduce tools and resources for any musician to develop effective practice routines, improve musicianship, and prepare for performances. Watch the PULSE Livestream series highlighting our City Music Weekly Masterclasses during the Aspire: Five-Week Music Performance Intensive program. Explore your musical creativity through improvisation by developing ideas for melodic lines using the Aeolian mode.

More Lessons

Improvisation: Dorian Alternative Rock Groove

Have you ever worried about playing the "right" notes that you couldn't enjoy playing your solo? The C Dorian Alternative Rock Groove featured in this lesson consists of a chord progression over which you'll improvise using the C Dorian scale. You'll find that as long as you're playing in C Dorian, you don't need to worry about switching up your notes over the chord changes, because the notes in the correct mode will sound good over all the chords. Instead you can focus on melodic ideas, articulation, technique, emotion/feel, dynamics, rhythm, tone, phrasing, space/rest, and listening.

Cultural and Technological Factors of the Blues

Students will explore the socio-political factors that gave rise to the blues and discuss technology's influence on shaping musical genres. Demonstrations within PULSE include how to use assets from Take Me To The River and the Study Room to create an interdisciplinary blues lesson. 

Exploring and Performing Afro-Cuban Rhythms

This next set of PULSE BANDED lesson strategies begins by featuring the band Zili Misik. The foundation of their music-making is based on respect and collaboration, and their music is influenced by roots music of the African diaspora. Using their music and spirited performance as a jumping off point, these lessons will provide some historical context and engage students in listening to and playing a variety of rhythmic grooves inspired by music of the African diaspora.

Homage To Professor Longhair

Henry Roeland Bryd, better know as Professor Longhair, is a legendary blues pianist and singer who played a big part in the history of New Orleans music. His iconic combination of the rumba with blues, boogie-woogie, and "second line" parade rhythms influenced New Orleans' greatest piano players including Fats Domino, Eddie Bo, James Booker, and Dr. John. This lesson will introduce students to the basics of "second line" rhythmic patterns from New Orleans and their ties to Afro-Cuban traditions.  

Transcribe & Transpose...Then Jam!

This holistic lesson will test your ear training, composition, and performance skills. By transcribing the original refrain from the spiritual "Wade In The Water" you will then be asked to transpose the melody to a different key using chromatic transposition techniques. Once transposed, you will have the opportunity to play the melody over an original PULSE groove of "Wade In The Water"!