Berklee City Music Ambassador, Niu Raza, knows her "why". What's yours? Read more about Niu's creative journey and contribution to the Berklee City Music program.

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What is Berklee PULSE?

The Berklee PULSEĀ® Music Method is a unique and innovative online music education portal that enables students to study, jam, and practice using interactive modules and an ever-expanding collection of popular music.

PULSE is open to anyone, with exclusive resources available through Berklee City Music and select public school partners. PULSE gives students and teachers the benefits of a Berklee education no matter where they live.

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Who is Berklee City Music?
We are Berklee City Music. Our students work hard and play harder. We uplift a culture of community and stand tall in our dedication to expanding access to high-level arts education on a global scale. We have been and will continue to open our doors to talented students world-wide. To learn more about our program, click here.
Program Highlights

Explore the Berklee City Music video archive, highlighting recent student performances and showcases from our robust academic and summer program offerings.

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About Berklee City Music

2021 Preparatory Academy Musical

2021 HSA Completion Concert

Meet Our Students

Check out our monthly City Music student column, featuring each of our 2021 City Music College Scholarship recipients from network sites across the country. Read about City Music Boston vocalist, Melina Laganas here.

Homage to Professor Longhair

Learn about Professor Longhair’s iconic combination of the rumba with blues, boogie-woogie, and "second line" parade rhythms that shaped New Orleans' greatest musical traditions.

Improvisation: Dorian Alternative Rock Groove

In this lesson, we will demystify what modes are starting with the C Dorian scale.

Transcribe & Transpose...Then Jam

A holistic lesson that will test your ear training, composition, and performance skills using the spiritual “Wade in the Water”.