Effective Practice: Techniques To Improve Your Musicianship

Featuring: Leo Blanco, Professor at Berklee College of Music

This five-video series will introduce tools and resources for any musician to develop effective practice routines, improve musicianship, and prepare for performances. Regardless of skill level, the concepts discussed in these videos are great habits for any player at any stage of their career. Each video features a classroom activity for students, and extended learning opportunities within Berklee PULSE.

This video features the Celviano Grand Hybrid and is co-presented with: 


Connecting Core Arts Standards to the Effective Practice: Techniques To Improve Your Musicianship Unit 

LESSON 1: Planning for an Effective Practice Routine

Set yourself up for success before you even begin to practice. Learn how to create goal-oriented and organized practice sessions.

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LESSON 2: Practicing Technique

Discover the secrets to an effective practice session with Berklee Piano Professor Leo Blanco.

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LESSON 3: Practicing Repertoire

Your repertoire is a list of songs you know pretty well and feel comfortable playing at any time-- whether it’s onstage or a recorded session. Learn how to get started.

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LESSON 4: Practicing Improvisation

Improvisation is the art of composing instantaneously based on the melody, harmony, and structure of a song. Learn how to describe and understand improvisation’s role and develop strategies to improve your techniques.

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LESSON 5: Self-Assessment As A Way To Improve

Self-assessment is necessary to improve and grow as an artist. Learn how to find your own voice in music, identify your musical influences, and develop long-term goals.

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