Introduction to Mexican Music
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Introduction to Mexican Music
Trío Romántico
trío romántico is a group of vocalists-guitarists, with origins in Hispanic America, that performs romantic songs, based on rhythms like bolero, vals and pasillo, mostly.

Trío Romántico Instruments

The requinto guitar has six nylon strings and is about 18% smaller than a standard guitar scale.
The bajo sexto is a Mexican string instrument with 12 strings in 6 double courses. In playing, the left hand holds the strings against frets on a fingerboard, while the right hand plucks the strings. When played in older styles of music where the instrument assumes the role of a bass, the strings are usually plucked with the fingers. In modern chordal and melodic styles, a pick is frequently used.
The guitar is a six stringed instrument and is part of the armonia family in the mariachi. It plays the rhythms of the mariachi in different patterns. Strings on a guitar are: E, A, D, G, B, and E.

Famous Trio Romanticas Groups
  • Trio Los Panchos
  • Trio Los Dandy Gema