Remixing a Current Hit Song to Teach the 12-Bar Blues

with producer, songwriter, Lincoln Center Scholar, and Amp Up NYC music educator

Harold Stephan

By remixing the tune within Logic Pro X, students are introduced to music production concepts through hands-on applications with a Digital Audio Workstation. For further music production exercises check out the Production Unit inside of PULSE by signing up for a create a PULSE account.   

Materials and Resources:

  • Computer with Chrome, Safari or Firefox to access the PULSE website, Noteflight, and YouTube
  • Logic Pro X, Garageband, or similar Digital Audio Workstation

Instructional Strategy:


View Harold's first lesson, "Leveraging a Current Hit Song to Teach the 12-Bar Blues" here.

View Harold's second lesson, "Cultural and Technological Factors of the Blues", here.

Download the lesson material here, which includes Core Arts Standards, NY State Arts Standards, and National Standards.