Introduction to Mexican Music
Conjunto Huasteco Music1
Conjunto Huasteco Music
The Conjunto Huasteco is a traditional Mexican ensemble usually made up of the violin, huapanguera guitar and jarana huasteca.

Conjunto Huasteco Instruments

The guitarron is the bass of the mariachi and is the most important part of the mariachi. This six string bass guitar is played with two strings at the same time. The guitarrón strings are A, D, G, C, E, and A.
The jarana huasteca is a guitar-like chordophone with 5 strings. It is smaller than the guitarra huapanguera and usually forms part of the trío huasteco ensemble taking on the role of the rhythmical accompaniment to the ensemble. This type of guitar is tuned in thirds. It is higher in pitch than the guitarra huapanguera. The notes are G, B, D, F# and A.
The violin is a four stringed instrument tuned in perfect fifths and is played with a bow. The violins and trumpets play the melody in a mariachi song. The strings on a violin are G, D,A , and E.

Where is Conjunto Huasteco music from?

Conjunto Huasteco music is native to the region of southwestern states of Mexico that include Guerrero and Oaxaca.

Famous Conjunto Huasteco Groups
  • Huapango
  • Lucha Villa